8 tricks casinos use to make you spend more money

If you are interested in gambling, you should visit an online casino for more wonderful gambling experience because of its convenience and amazing rewards. And UCW88 the leading gambling site in Malaysia is the best address for you. Today, let’s UCW88 introduces tricks casinos use to make players spend more money when gambling. Do not hang the clock to lose the concept of time, use chips instead of cash, serve wine for free and more will make players spend more money at casino. Read on below to find more tricks to prevent them.

8 tricks casinos use to make you spend more money

If you’ve ever been to a casino, you will find it is an expensive theme park with the sounds, the lights and the drinks. According to studying of The University of Las Vegas, the 23 Vegas casinos get over $5 billion of their visitors’ money in the 2013. That’s an average of over $630,000 a day, per casino. Malaysia online casino market is also. Here are 8 common tricks casinos use to make players spend more money which is provided by UCW88 – the most trusted gambling site in Malaysia to help you have a wise and prudent financial choice.

  • Make players lose track of time

Many online casinos don’t have clocks on the walls, or windows to the outside world make players completely lose track of time. Shopping malls use this same tactic.

  • Every gambler sees a win

All gamblers know when someone wins big because there will be flashing lights, and noises until their staff turn up and administer the win. This encourages other players continue to spend money to try their luck with the hope they can win too.

  • Temptation is everywhere  

There is an opportunity to gamble in everywhere you go in Malaysia, especially in hotels. Customers are always tempted by crowded place with the bells and lights and flashy accoutrements and they visit for some games.

  • Free perks are available

Some gamblers are interested in free rooms, food and other stuff and don’t know that what they loosen when gambling is used to pay for the complimentary stuff.

  • Use chips instead of cash

In online gambling Malaysia, chips are innovative form of money that hold good only for the casinos. Once the players change their money into chips, they tend to spend completely rather than going back and getting the remaining cashed.

  • Prohibit use camera

Camera is prohibited in casinos, unless it is to show someone winning. This means what we watch on TV is footage of the casino which shows gamblers are happy in their winnings. It is hard to supervisor camera of smartphone. Professional photographers with more obvious equipment might run into snags with security.

  • Casinos give you the illusion of control

Choosing which casino to visit, which games to play, which moves to make and more are own gambler’s decisions. This makes them overly confident. They do not think that they are normal people. They are under the illusion that they are going to be different; they are going to win. They don’t know that the more choices they are given, the more that these choices appear to be complex and involve skill.

  • Offer free drinks

Drunk people take more risks and spend more money than sober people. They will not be able to control themselves and are willing to spend complete their money to the casinos.

Here above are 8 tricks casinos use to make you spend more money when gambling. Remember them and find best ways to beat them at UCW88-leading casino site in Malaysia!

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