9 keys help you win more and lose less in football betting

You are interested in football betting but you are beginner? You care about the details of the types of football matches? So this article is something you cannot miss because this is the information you should know about football betting. Here at UCW88, you will find related information about football betting that can help you play the best and win more, lose less. Discovery right now!

9 keys help you win more and lose less in football betting

  • Types of football match

National Cup: The matches of the National Cup are often difficult to predict and less important than National Championship Cup.

Friendly game: results of these matches are often tie, so it is not worth to bet.

  • League

ITALIA: The Italian league is considered as easier to predict than other the National Championship Cup.

ENGLAND: In contrast to the Italian league, the British Championships results are often difficult to predict in the first quarter of the season and last quarter of the season.

SPAIN: If you are interested in league of this country, remember to take the principle that football team played on home often get more wins than away teams.

GERMANY: Compared with previous years, the league of Germany become less predictable, but strong teams or favorite teams often win on home.

  • Important matches

Strong teams in Europe often play a numbers of games. That is reason why they often choose to take part in important matches in order to keep the physical for their players. Besides, they play the minor league to test the team and create environment for young players practice more and more. The less matches the team join, the higher winning rates the teams get. But these games are often difficult to predict score.

In sports betting online, especially in football betting, the DERBY (of two teams in same city) is always the center of attention of the players. Derby matches in the list of predictable results because they often end up with a draw. In fact, there are 7 or 8 of 10 derby matches ended with the draw.

  • Time of the year

The league season in Europe often starts from August and ends on May. The first month of the season, results of matches are unclear and there is a “paradox” is that the underdog team often beat the favorite teams. At this time, the betting enthusiasts often place their bet on underdog team, except for occasions such as Christmas, Boxing Day (Day for gifts).

From December to March, the results of the game began to change and go right over natural law. The strong team wins more, so the matches

From March to May, the results began to show obviously and winning ratio is also more predictable.  The bottom ranked teams started to beat up the leading teams. Tip for football betting enthusiasts now is that you should bet on the underdog team instead of pouring more money into the favorite team.

  • Ranking

Ranking is the base determine the betting odds in online football betting, but it is not so important in the first 2/3 of the season. In addition, you should to know that the rankings are not so important to the teams which are known as “son of the dealer” because they can easily win at any time depending on the placement of the house.

For example: Manchester city is the biological son of the house for many years. Their winning chart is: win-loss-win-loss and this seems to rule. In fact, the win- loss seems to have been determined from the beginning of the season, so it is difficult to predict which team is loser or winner. The aim of most people is to make money and that is why the term “football betting” was born.

  • Manners

Manners is a factor that effect significantly on betting odds. The dealers know clearly about this and use it as a trick to make profit from players. For example, handicap 1.5 but the team only win with the score gap is 1-0. You should realize this before the dealer to get a win. In order to do this, you should carefully observe and understand the manners of each team.

  • History of encounters

Considering the history of the encounters within the latest 5 years helps you make right decision on Malaysia online sports betting. For example, the French always beat the Spanish at home, Italians always defeat the British in the competition, etc.

  • Special circumstances

There are matches that a draw identified the champion team. There are lot of matches this result was settled, especially in the Italian league. Understanding this, you are smart bettors.

  • Fight agreement

This is the matches which the score had arranged from the beginning, but when entering the second half or at the last minute, the result was to go against. To explain this, betting experts say that the cause is due to the market fluctuate and betting money poured too much on one side. Therefor the dealer had arranged the results to reduce losses. If you decide to bet on these games, you should put less into the finals.

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