Complete tutorial to play live casino Malaysia

Nowadays, live casino Malaysia becomes popular among Casino fans over the world. However, there are lots of gamblers does not trust online casinos because they believe that the Random Number Generator systems are rigged and not fair. But this is not right at the reputable live casinos in Malaysia. The live casino systems has been steadily getting famous and internet connections are becoming faster and improving. If you want to experience the hottest live casino games in Malaysia, here we have wrote complete tutorial to provide a guidance for beginners who want to learn more about live casino Malaysia.

Complete tutorial to play live casino Malaysia

This guide covers everything that you want to know about live casino Malaysia from choosing the top casinos for yourself, open an account, set deposit to redeem a bonus or selecting live casino games to enjoy.

Choosing the leading live casinos on

As you may know, this site is the searching tool of own Malaysia. You can find anything in Malaysia and live casino Malaysia is an example. You can also check the reputation by talking to their Live Chat Customers Service Agent or considering the security measures payments and banking options of the online live casino you are going to choose.

Open your live casino account

In order to enjoy any online live casino games as well as other online casino games, you have to establish a casino account by clicking on the Join Now or Register Now button. Then do follow the guide as type in your full name, your birthday, your email and start playing.

Make a deposit at your online casino

After opening an account, you have to login and visit the deposit page to make the first deposit. There are many methods for you to choose, but select your preferred online casino deposit method. Then, enter the amount you want to deposit and press on the Submit button for making request.

Claim your online casino bonus

All online casinos offer welcome bonus for the first visit of players and the bonus types and amount are different between different online live casinos. So, read carefully bonus terms and conditions to make sure you don’t miss out any kinds of bonus. You can also select the bonus you want to claim if the casino allows.

Choosing live casino Malaysia games, table and dealer

Live casino in Malaysia does not offer too many kinds of games, but no player feel bored because all live casino games Malaysia are the hottest games in gambling world such as Live Baccarat, live Sic-bo, live Roulette, live Poker, live Blackjack and some live slot machines. After that, choose a table with suitable betting limits.

Playing and win

You can play live casino game through both of your computer or your mobile phone. However, if you want to play on your smartphone because of its convenience, you must download and install live mobile casino app. Live casino games are not difficult to play and many players win huge jackpots. So join live casino Malaysia today!


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