Experience for playing Blackjack with over 70% winning chance

Most casino games are games of chance with over 20% of luck. You want to beat the dealer? The first thing, you need to have good mentality. Blackjack, the casino game with about 80% is based on your skill, you need to have improve more and more. If you want to increase your chances of winning at Blackjack, you should take time to read this article to find strategies to play Blackjack with the winning chance up to 70%.


Experience for winning Blackjack easily

The first thing to play Blackjack effectively is calculate your cards. The advantages of calculating is you can base on this to adjust your bet amount the best. When you are likely to win, you should increase your bet amount and when you are likely to lose, decrease your bet amount soon. However, in general, the losing times are more than wins. Therefore, once you feel your cards are likely to win, you should not miss the chance and increase your bet amount soon to win more.

Blackjack is lucky game?

Luck has important role when playing Blackjack, but gaming skill is the deciding factor in this card game. Generally, cards are given randomly from bottom to top, so it is unpredictable. Therefore, taking cards depends on the luck of players. Thus, your decisions will decide the result of Blackjack game. When your cards all get 18-20 points of total, you should stop taking card because your winning chance at this time is about 90%. The ability of making decisions thanks to the agility of the players. Besides, you also need recklessness. If you have all things, your winning ability is 70%.

The more you know about opponents, the more chances you win?

Players should try to know skill and tricks of their opponents, pay attention how many cards your opponents have taken, then start calculating. Observing the number of the cards of their opponents to predict their current score to take your chance of winning. Besides, players should make decisions by basing on what are going on in the game, thus change your strategy which is the most suitable.

One reason which effects on calculating the score of cards that players often don’t play attention is the rate of giving cards of dealer. After the dealer gives a number of cards and shuffle them again, then called the rate of giving cards. The dealer began to shuffle cards when they give players 75% the number of cards, so the rate of giving cards will be 75%.

The higher the rate of giving cards is, the higher accuracy of the calculated values will be. This will help player adjust the bet amount.

If the rate of giving cards is less than 70%, you should not bet with big amount.

Here above are experience when playing Blackjack of professional bettors. Hopefully this article will be helpful for you when playing online Blackjack for real money. Remember that, you will not be able to chase your losses in short time. So, play Blackjack for real money when you have a big bankroll enough. Visit UCW88 online casino today for the best experience and win big. Good luck!

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