Are favorite horses always worthy to place bet in a race

Malaysia is an active country in gambling industry and betting games sector. The online casinos has created convenient conditions to decrease the time limitation and space distance for players who can sit at home to place online bet on horse racing without movement to a racetrack. However, researching for this kind betting way is necessary to bring easier win, so UCW88 would like to provide some effective horse racing tips that can help punters give more accurate bets.


In a horse race, bettors often have tendency to select and place their money on favorite horses and jockeys in order that they hope winning possibility will be higher. This selection is not wrong, but is not always true in all circumstances. It is necessary for you to remember that not all horses “deserve” to be favorite.

Where is the money originating from to make it a favorite? Are the bookmakers intentionally sending money to the course to shorten it up?  They are on purpose to make you select and get your bet on it due to they realized that it probably “won’t win”. That is reason why you had better consider cautiously prior to betting on favorites.

Why is it favorite?  Is there any logic to making the horse favorite?

You need to ask yourself the above question before you decide to place a bet. You can understand that a horse could be 4/7 on, but the horse doesn’t know how much price he is. For all he knows, he could be a 20/1 shot. He doesn’t know he is “supposed to win”. This is someone else’s thoughts. And as far as we know, opinions on the racetrack are usually exact.

The useful advice of UCW88 for you is you should think carefully and get appropriate selection which horse you will place bet on for win, not always favorite horse.

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