How to Play Craps Game at Malaysia Casino Website?

One of the most recognizable games playing in Malaysia Casino Website is obviously to be Craps which is the unique game. Some people might misunderstand that playing craps is somehow considered to be a complex casino game as it is needed to learn and master. In land-based casinos as the traditional one, craps table is often characterized by yells and screaming of the players around the table while rolling their dice and watching and cheering how they will go and result. On the other hand, Craps at Malaysia Casino Website online would be played in a more dedicated one while the thrill of the game is still remained the same as it has ever been. The principle of Craps playing is guided to anyone that is willing to try and play Craps and to feel that it is not just difficult as it has ever been said before.

How to Play Craps Game at Malaysia Casino Website

The Craps Rule Setting:

In addition to play online Craps, the player should be aware that mostly carps shall be played on a special table which is specifically designed for the game. At land-based casino, these table shall often be in very large size and extravagant in order to draw as much as player as possible. On the other hand for online casino website, the player would often view just only a segment of the table which is regularly at half of the table. In fact, it could alternatively say that craps game is actually based on the player who will throw the dice not the dealer like in the other online casino games. Since the game shall be played with two dice, the key is the player has to wager where it will be landed after the player has rolled the dice. In general, the player who will roll the dice will normally be called as the shooter. And only one shooter will be actively platy in each round whereas the other players can wager on the result of that particular shooter’s roll.


Based on the Craps game’s rule, it will start with a passline bet which is made before the dice will be rolled. This could be considered as the fundamental stage in any craps game online. The shooter will place chips in the Pass Line Section first on the table and then the dice will subsequently be rolled out. By which this roll is mostly called as the Come out roll. For instance, if the come out roll has displayed the result of either 7 or 11, then the shooter will be the winner of the game. On the other hand, if the come out roll has displayed the result as 2, 3 or even 12, the shooter shall be the loser instead which is so-called Craps in the game’s jargon. While any other number to be rolled out would be immediately become the Shooter’s Point number. Moreover, if the point number has been set, the shooter will try to roll that number once again. If after all, the roll out number has been shown as 7 on the first roll, the player will lose.

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