Join Liga perdana Malaysia now for big prizes

Online gambling in Asian football matches has reached millions of millions of dollars each quarter – the risk of people involved in making or accepting large-scale wagers will try to manipulate the results by threatening or bribing the player, manager or normal. The Malaysian and liga perdana Malaysia is such a keen target for matching fixatives finding to lift bonuses from illegal recipients.

Join Liga perdana Malaysia now for big prizes

The Liga Super Malaysia includes of 12 teams and is promoted and relegated to the Malaysian Super League (2nd Division). Malaysia’s 3-level league – Malaysia FAM League – and the first 3 levels are fully professional, under the supervision of the FA in Malaysia. In the top flight there’re three main trophies: the Malaysian Super League, the Malaysian Cup and the FA Cup in Malaysia.

Malaysia Super League First Division – Football League transfer

Players can join 12 teams during the 2 transmission windows, from April 7 to April 21, October 26 to December 4, the league from mid-January to the end of June. Each team allows up to 4 foreign players, one of which must come from the AFC. You can have up to 3 foreign players at a time.

An interesting fact is that LionsXII doesn’t allow any foreign players because it intends to be a development team for Singapore gamers.

Teams usually sign foreign gamers based only on their performance in pre-season trials, which can lead to inappropriate evaluation and it isn’t uncommon for players to be released after a few online games or to be present throughout the season. The average salary of the liga perdana Malaysia is 50,000 euros, although footballers should be careful.

Register to Play

First, you’ll need to register an account to play the online game. Simply follow the instructions on the ‘Register to Play’ page, or you can sign up using your Facebook or  your Google account by clicking on the corresponding button on the navigation bar at the top of that page. Click here to get started!

Name Your Team

Once you have completed the ‘Register to Play’ page, you will be asked to name your fantasy football team. You also need to select whether to build the team yourself, or let the lucky dip create your team. Please be responsible when naming your team and do not cause offence! Any team names that are deemed offensive or inappropriate will be disqualified and withdrawn from the Contest.

Join or Create a Mini-League

By joining the Contest, you’ll automatically enter the ‘Overall League’ where you will compete against all other Contestants. Though, you can also play in a mini-league where you may compete in a private group with your family, friends or colleagues. You can create up to  three mini-leagues and join Liga perdana Malaysia up to ten mini-leagues.

Power play codes – double your points!

You may use a Power Play code to score double points for all the fixtures within one week in the Month. A Power Play code costs six tokens. You can use the Power Play code only once in a month. Once purchased, you’ll be sent an email containing the Power Play code.

When you buy Power Play code, you’ll be asked to select the week in the month you would like to use it on. You’re free to buy power play code whenever you want but do take note that fixtures in the future may change as the league season progresses, and that you cann’t cancel or change a power play week selected by you—do not haste and buy wisely! You aren’t able to use a Power Play code on a month or week that has already past.

The scores that you can obtain from using Power Play code will be taken in consideration for computation of scoring in determining the Winners as stipulated in Clause 15 – Choose of Winners in the Contest Terms and Conditions.

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