Lucky Rituals for Winning at the Malaysia online Casino

No matter where you prefer to play at Malaysia online casino or at the land based casino, you should pay attention to some rituals which improve your chances of winning.

Lucky Rituals for Winning at the Malaysia online Casino

Performing rituals which is known as a way insure a favorable result dates back to early man. Tribal dancing, and other ceremonies were done to appeal the favor of the Gods. Most of the ancient rituals and practices vanished but there are still a lot of intelligent and enlightened people carrying on some of the old practices as they play Malaysia online casino or visit the land based casino. Even though most players be aware of that hitting the big jackpot is a matter of luck, some of them resort to some exciting and sometimes bizarre rituals of their own to guarantee good luck while playing.

Over the years I have seen players perform some interesting, bizarre and different rituals as they play the slots machines. I know that I haven’t seen it all so I asked some of my readers to share their knowledge and experiences or relate the rituals which they perform for luck. The answer I received was interesting. If you have ever openly or secretly performed a fortune ritual, rest assured, you are not alone.

Following are some of the rituals which players often perform.

Some players try to appeal to good fortune before they go to the casino or play Malaysia online casino. Many players told me that they have lucky clothing or jewelries to wear to the casino.

Lucky Charms

Having a lucky charm is a common ritual which players do to try to bring about good luck. Some of them show them out in the open whereas others keep them as a secret. Many Poker players want to use their lucky charms as card protectors. They believe this disguises the actual purpose for having them at the table.

Perhaps the most popular ritual performed is flipping money into any fountains or body of water in or near the casinos. These “Wishing Wells” are rather lucky for the casinos netting thousands of dollars each year from gamblers who believe that throwing away money brings them good fortune if they make a wish when they do it.

Definitely, some players trust in the power of prayer as they play. Many time I have observed players hold Rosary Beads and Crosses in one hand as they press the spin button with the other. Some even speak prayers out loud.

Manipulating the Machine

Most gamblers know that there is no way to affect the result of a spin on a slots games but many of them try various approaches as if the machine has  feelings or was conscience of outside impacts.

Some gamblers like to get personal with the machines. They will kiss, fondle or talk intimately to the machine with the hope that persuading it to give up its charms, no matter what the odds. One player told me that she says hello to the machine before playing. My friend was sitting next to a woman who begged the machine saying, “Please, please, help me earn money, come on give me the money” as she rub her hands all over it.

Gamblers try to manipulate the machines by their routine as they play. One video poker player told me that she pushed the re-deal button if she wins a hand but if she loses a hand she will hit the singe bet button 5 times.

The most popular practice that I have observed is the player removing and reinserting his slot cards as he plays. I once questioned that player why he did that and he told me it was because the machine thought there was a new player sitting down. Another player I saw was constantly cashing out and putting fresh bills into the machine and said the same reason for doing this. They think that the machine knows if somebody new will sit down to play.

Make Your Own Luck

There is no evidence that charms, clothes, spouses or any other rituals you have can change your luck at the casino, but I know that people that feel lucky and happy have a much more enjoyable time in whatever activities they take part in. If carrying a lucky charm or performing rituals while you play makes you feel better, why not try? Remember, this is good for both cases when you play Malaysia Online casino or at land based casinos.

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