To Back Lucky Streaks – Or Not

To Back Lucky Streaks - Or Not

New players of online betting Malaysia must have heard old timers say, “I ran into a lucky street the other day. Once I wagered more I would have taken back my losses,” or something to a similar effect. Lucky streaks are a series of wagers that becomes in favor of the player.

Lucky streaks exist, and players of online betting Malaysia can certainly tell when they have passed through one. But, the problem lies in the fact that lucky streaks are impossible to anticipate. In online betting Malaysia, online slot games are such that by their very essence it is impossible to anticipate the outcome of the next wager. Let’s say the last three spins have been rewarding for a player it is impossible to complete that the fourth spin will be satisfying as well.

Some players of online betting Malaysia might argue that they are in a lucky streak and the fourth spin will also earning high rewards. Others might argue that since they have had a good timing the next spin will maybe a bad one. The fact of the matter is that each spin is separate of any or all of the previous results. Thus by setting up index to mark the beginning of a lucky streak and raising the bet amount does not rising the mathematical opportunities of winning.

Having seen that there is nothing to be achieving by chasing lucky streaks, it is really important to consider if there is any harm in chasing them. Just as the player is not likely to win more usual, he is not likely to lose more usual. If he rising the bet amount and wins then he will win a larger amount and if he raising the bet amount and loses then he will lose a big amount. Here in lies the trap of chasing lucky streaks in slots games.

The player can simply fall into a process of compulsive gambling. If the past few spins have paid him well he might be tempted to increase the wager to very high levels and a less losses may wipe of everything he has won so far. And if his spins are going without any wins he may again be tempted to increase the bet amount in the hope that the lucky streak will start. Thus if one considers the issue of lucky streaks with a cool head then there is nothing to get and something to lose by chasing lucky streaks. But the concept of lucky streaks is so bold that at some moment or the other slots players will be tempted to try it out. Thus players must instill some discipline into the way that they are planning to use to try and cash in on lucky streaks. They have to first fix a base amount per spin.

They also need limit the increased wagers to double or at most triple of the base amount. They have limited the number of times that they use the increased wager. A good thumb rule is not to use them more than 5 times in a row and to make sure that there are 15 or 20 base amount spins in between each set of increased wagers. This way, players can entertain in their attraction for chasing lucky streaks during slots games but with acceptable controls and cooling off periods to avoid them from falling in the compulsive gambling trap.

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